Thursday, January 12, 2012

The future. DUN DUN DUN

Sooo I've been doing some hardcore in depth thinking about the future. And I'm terrified. No, not about the "2012 world ending" just the whole economic recession issue, no jobs, no money issue. I always see these guys on facebook, twitter & instagram posting pictures of their money with some title like, "betcha can't get like me" or "I'm a bossss swagggg" like NO. you're not a boss and the word swag is really annoying actually. Those boys make me mad. Being a College graduate used to mean you get a good job and make more money. Now a days... Not so much. Half my classes I'm wait listed on anyhow, so I can't even get into the ones I need. It amazes me how badly people are struggling. Really, it does. In a perfect world we'd all make enough money to enjoy life and be happy. Yeah, I said perfect world. Sometimes I think of the movie the cat in the hat where all the who's have the same cars, same houses, different colors of course, go to work, come home, and are just equal. Course, that type of would might be boring because our differences are what make life diverse and awesome, but I'm just thinking here. It's scary out there. Real scary. Sorry to freak ya out whoever you are. This isn't the most exciting and uplifting post I've ever had... But it's what's on my mind. On a happier note: my cat gizzy/Zaboomafoo (his name is undecided in our household) sits like this ALL THE TIME. and it cracks me upppp. Whenever I'm sad I look at these pics haha.

Btw this photo ^ is of a email update I received because I loaned $25 to this guy so he could buy some cows! My brother Ryan gave me a gift card to Kiva that loans $25 to do some good when I'm thousands of miles away. I suggest everyone check it out. Its really brilliant!

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