Sunday, January 8, 2012


2012 so far has treated me amazing. I'm still on my mini vacation though because school doesn't Start for 10 days. Im sick still too. But I'm not complaining. All I've been doing is eating, sleeping, and hanging out with friends. Can't go wrong with that! All my photos are of food... I know. I have issues. I really love food... Haha it's embarrassing buuuut I don't care. I love being with my friends and family but I feel like I have to grow up in a day or two. Get my school schedule figured out. Get another job perhaps... Because me and Jessica and Alanna really want to travel this summer. How awesome would that be? 21 and traveling with your best friends? Sounds like the 4th movie of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...Yeah, I know. Completely awesome. Ooh and last night me Linds bear and Nakell went to a place like geisha only at a better price I can't remember what it was called but it was amazingly good!!! Afrer we went to the Variety Show at planet Hollywood. It was really good, definitely a variety of things. Juggling with 2 bowling balls and a tiny peanut m&m and those strong guys that hold each other up and crazy ish like that. It was great. And then we went to yogurt land. :) I love Ice cream and froyo. I really need to go to Utah. This morning I woke up to a text from Ashlee my cousin saying "are you comin up here before school starts or what?" haha I really love it. Then she said Allie her daughter texted me that and Allie is 10 going on 25 haha she's the cutest. Goooodness. If I could zap myself up to Utah right now I would. I hate the drive by myself. I hate that I'm sick. I hate that there's no snow up there. And I hate that I need to be down here and get things done. I'll figure it out soon Ashlee (because I know you're the only one who reads this) because I miss you guys a TON!!!!

Oohhhh last but not least..... My sister AUBREE IS HAVING A BABY GIRLLLLLLL!!!! I can't waaaiit. It'll be around my birthday. May-juneish! I can't wait. My sister has the cutest kids. Ever. Well im gonna get back to my movie cause im real cool! I love you whoever you are!! Bye.


Ashlee said...

You are right I do read this and so I love when I am in your blog lol! We will always be here so whenever you want to come. I love that aubree is having a girl son is Haley and Katie. Hollie is the only one again having a boy.
Hope to see
Love you!!

Christy Orrock said...

Aw that's awesome!!! So many kids are coming!! Geez exciting!! Xoxo

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