Saturday, December 10, 2011

wedding feverrrr

Is it bad that I just want to take engagement pictures and plan a big wedding or party without getting married? haha looking at pinterest, seriously all the rings, the photos, the babies the dresses, the ideas, crafts, my GOSH my mind goes 100000 miles per minute. If I had to plan a wedding now, I totally could and it would be freakin awesome. I may or may not have a folder on my desktop named "wedding" with pictures and links to things.... I guess I should find a man first. bleh. men. man. guy. dude. meh I dont neeed em. I'll plan the best party, and have a kick ass time without one. But really, I have the cutest friends that are married, engaged, or about to have little babies!!! I adore and envy them right now..... BUT secretly I don't want any of it right now. I guess all I want is to plan that big party minus the little marriage part.

This is my BEAUTIFUL, drop dead, gorgeous, sweetest best friend Tayler Anne Myers. Mitchell and Tayler were married May of 2011. Seriously their pictures are to die for. Makes me want a wedding, or a love. real bad. love you guys.

snapshot of pinterest and how many ideas, pictures things there are its insane.
rose gold. I feel it's the "new thing." Whatever it is, I like it. No, I love it.

one day. One day a guy will be SO excited to marry me. for forever. Just like this sweet guy in this picture. Gotta love love.


Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

AHHH what a shout out!!!!!! I LOVE you!!!!!! you are adorable and I can't wait until your wedding party :) I will help you make everything and be the prettiest ever!!!

Christy Orrock said...

COURSE I HAD TO MENTION THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE I'VE EVER SEEN BEFORE!! Seriously though. Yesssss. when I get married Imma need your help FOR sure!!!!! xoxo

Jamie Ericksen said...

Christy! Where is my wedding picture in this post?? Hahaha jk. But can I be invited to your wed-wed? Thanks a bundle (:

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