Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Treeeeeee

We always have two Christmas trees, one colorful tree with old ornaments and ones we made out of macaroni in elem school, and one classy tree that's gold, red, just beautiful. Today we got our colorful tree. I love being home so I can help my parents do everything. I seriously will live close to them for life. (haha dad I know you're reading this... you're never getting rid of me.) today he said, "I always know whats going on in your life from your blog." I didn't even think he read it, but surprise, he does. He hates when I write about him though! Oh welllll! Tonight, my Mom and I were putting colorful lights on the tree and my Dad was sitting on the couch watching the football game (cowboys vs. somebody) and he said, "theres nothing better than me sitting here watching the game and you guys decorating the tree." he is so sweet. He has all these rich friends, friends who drive $250,000 cars and he tells us all the time how sorry he feels for them. Yeah they have their cars, their fancy clothes etc, but at the end of the day they don't have a family, they're alone. He used to have a red porche, (which when jackie was like 4 she backed it out of the driveway) haha and he used to have jets, parties, blah.. but he'd give it all up for us. One day I stole his desk lamp b/c I just moved back and needed one. keep in mind, he used it everyday, but I stole it anyways and he comes in my room and says, "hey you stole that did you, you little rat. haha" and I said, "yeah sorry! you can have it back now." and he replied, "no no you keep it honey, don't you know I'd do anything for my kids?" just the sweetest reply ever. So dad, I know you hate me posting stuff about you on the internet, but you are great. I love you x infinity, and I love your obsession with go-karts and your love for your family.

Really, when I started writing I didn't think it'd be all about my dad, haha so back to what I was going to talk about......
1. I am obsessed. OBSESSED with those butterfinger chocolate bell things. They're only around this time of the year, they're delicious, I can't get enough of them. Seriously.
2. I should be studying
3. I was having a crappy saturday, I just felt like a horrible daughter and I told my mom it was one of those days you just wanted to sit in your room and cry (all girls know what I'm talking about) and she cheered me up by playing me in some ping pong and she's pretty dang good! let me tell you. I like that I get my non-competativeness from her. I don't like being competative unless theres a reallllly cool prize, like a cat, or chocolate, a chocolate cat..... hmmmmm. ;)
4. Kyley Hailes my old roomie got engaged last night!! I've never met her man, but I'm sure he's awesome. So, another one bites the dust. and I'm secretly happy b/c I'll have to go to utah and specifically DELTA utah for her weddin' ;) which makes me happy so I can see my old friends!!!!

kitty elf no happy.
This was my friday night. totally fine w/ it too. really, it was peaceful. PS. dont worry, I didn't eat all those oreos. haha
Happy Birthday German! :)
Happy Birthday Bry! lots of birthdays around here!! :)
Greggerz. It wasn't his birthday, but he rocked that santa hat for suuuure.
I don't get why animals don't like outfits. I really dont.
This is me and Tyloy at a mustache party. Mustache party!? Kids these days and their parties. Really though, there was a competition, awards, and some reallly cool staches and everything.
I just LOVE mariah. Really though. This CD is golden.
One of two of our trees. goooooorgeous.
really though, romeo is one of my bffs. call me a cat lady, thats fine. I love him.


Ashlee said...

It took me a half hour to read all the post I missed! I love your blog!! The picture of you when you are little by the tree looks so much like reagan. We miss you guys hope we see you again soon love to see all the pictures!! Love you and miss you!
Love me ash

Christy Orrock said...

Haha ash I love you. I love to blog about nothing! I'm coming up in January to bug you guys and snowboard!!! So be ready!! Love yaaaaaa

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