Sunday, August 16, 2009

My life in boxes

  1. Five days until the big move
  2. Everything I own is in boxes. 
  3. Me and jackie think its ultra convenient to pack in huge giant plastic boxes even when we travel. Shoutout to jackie. love you
  4. anywayy it's weird how bare my room looks
  5. Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jay have been on their mission in NY and just got done with it and we're going to see them today!! We haven't seen them for 3 years... :( 
  6. I'm really going to miss my mom playing with romeo. She treats him like a child. We really really love him, whenever we go on a long trip to even trips at the store when we walk in the door we yell "ROMYYY" haha its funny
  7. I hate ppl who beg for attention on fb. Everyone thinks they're so cool all of a sudden...
  8. I just painted my nails and toenails and they're ugly. I cant do this. 

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