Friday, September 4, 2009

first weeks of college

  1. well I love utah. I love the people up here.. most of them... and how the mountains are so close, I love having family up here I love living with my best friend. I love that we can text each other and say "are you home?" living together is like one long sleepover :)
  2. Last sunday we went to dinner at my Aunt Debbies house. I love living up here, the drive is like a hour and 45 mins. but its worth it. the food they make is delicious, and we have so much fun I wish I just lived up here and didn't have to go to school everyday
  3. Heres some pix from last sunday.. we played dress up... then played volleyball. I have the cutest family.
  4. Im not a very good blogger. I have no idea how everybody else does cool backrounds and stuff Im struggling.. its pathetic.
  5. so my classes are pretty good. Im taking english and math boring then astronomy which is a tight class. its in the planetarium and its this giant room with a giant ceiling and you just look at stars its the coolest class ever but REAL easy to fall asleep in and the hwk is hard. :(
  6. we've made a LOT of friends here in village on the parkway. we love it here. when I say we by the way that means me and tayler. my other half/partner in crime haha
  7. I miss my family a BUNCH. school is fun but I miss my mom and dad and brother and sisters .. jackies always working and aubree is like 45 mins away. not too far but still I dont see her or ethan or andrew a lot.
  8. LUCKILY my familys comiing up here tonight! yay. too bad I have a date tonight so I wont see them till tomorrow... then i think we'll hit up lagoon.
  9. I just ate a tuna fish sandwich Im ready for my date tonight :) hahah I dont even know why anyone would ask me on a date but whatever Im kinda excited he's pretty tight. anyways I love the college life. check my pix/twitter/fb out. peace.

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