Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  1. Shout out to my girl Brittney Fesler who told me about this site where I could get a backround for my retarded blog. haha thanks girlll
  2. I didn't even know anyone read my blog. haha
  3. I have yet to go to bed before 1am here.
  4. Me & T went home last weekend. those 3 days flew by it sucked. I miss my mom and dad and little brudder cody. he's seriously one of the funniest kids youll ever meet. I guarantee it. ^ thats him
  5. so Im completely over school. Done. wanna go home you know. through with it. I hate going everyday. I hate being there for 6 hours monday and wednesday.. my longest days
  6. and i hate online homework the most. who came up with that? come on lets just stick with paper.
  7. so heres some things going on in our little apartment world. we have the funnest & funniest friends ever. haa.. like Jono, and Jeff, Cam, Blake, and some other people but we love it here.
  8. I have a problem. me and tayler have become ONE. I speak for her when she's not around haha its kinda funny. and I realize that its strange but we're seriously always together I love love love it.
  9. this weekend is the ward camp out but Im not sure if were down for that... and me and jackie and tayler are gonna shop saturday woo.
  10. I love utah im not kidding the weather is just wonderful, the people are so chill, except those random RM's who are like willing to get to know you within the spare five minutes they have. weirdos but anyways utah is just the
  11. Lately Ive been having a severe obsession with the newest rap songs and stuff. like Its my time by jeremih and my ride by sean kingston. I really dont know what it is, but when I bump it in the village i get some looks
  12. I got a letter from elder knaras and elder haire today! wooo. makes me happy those boys rock.
  13. We met this kid the other day, we as in me and tayler of course and he was cute whatever ya know and weve hung out before and whatever and he basically called me a flirt. okay so what? im super friendly. but whatever haha so now my goal this week is to be NOT as friendly and send flirty vibes because thats not what Im about all you provo/orem boys.
  14. goals for this week: do my english hwk, digital media hwk, and astronomy hwk.
  15. not be a flirt. and buy the p90x.
  16. the p90x is like this workout thing that everyone loves to do. Jono kinda got us (me and T) into it. and we liked it and so were gonna get it. let me know if any of you have it and if its worth it.
  17. today I played raquetball with david hutchison. he's my cousin's wife's younger brother. who goes to uvu and is on the track team and we just went over to golds to play a little r-ball and that game rocks. although we found out we were playin the game completely wrong it was fun and seriously was kinda like hard. haha my mom is so pro racquetball she loves that game and I wish I would have realized it was fun so we could have played all the time ha. Im excited though becaus I wanna play againnnn!
  18. woo its like 1 am and my back hurts so Im going to go now. peace out

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Ashley Barnes said...

i LOVE p90x!! haha i did it at home before i left.. not like thats gonna help me now with all of this college stuffing face every day. woops. hey i love you, lets hang out sometime.

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