Monday, October 26, 2009


this month completely flew by. but here's what ive been doing.
we brought our utah boys to sin city

of course we got a limo and did it big up in the 702, we owned that place.

so don't worry I didnt hut myself in the pic with my hands all red. i spilled some grape juice, Im not even sure how I did that.. but anyways I started screaming for Kyley my roommate I wanted to see if she'd be worried and come running out to see if I was okay but then she'd think I was bleeding, anyways she didn't come out of her room, she didn't even care haha she just thought it was funny. The way I screamed she knew that it wasnt serious so I dont blame her for not coming out

The night it rained me and Tayler ran outside with our rainboots and enjoyed it, finding puddles, laughing like 4 year olds. That's why I love Tayler Anne Stratton she's always fun and down to do simple things like running in the rain at 1am with me. shoutout to tayler:LOVE YOU best friennnd.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love peace, and peace signs. Last year I always wore a necklace, bracelet, or I would just draw peace signs all over my hands or something I just loved them. I still do. We've got this friend Jeff who has a pumpkin farm and he brought us a pumpkin and I carved it one night and made it into a PEACE PUMPKIN. it rocks. I'm so proud of it. It's like a mini pumpkin it's not a huge-o one.. so we have to carve a huge pumpkin this week because its classic. I cant wait to go to a pumpkin patch. I love this season & being in utah to see the changes of seasons. it's fun and makes me happy.

Me and Tayler have taco tuesdays, where we make taco's every tuesday. Go figure. we're so original I know. But hey it makes us happy, taco tuesdays are something to look forward to, and those tacos are bombtown. cant wait for tomorrow, because it's tuesday. we're in the process of giving wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday days where we do something special. Mondays are mask mondays, where we give each other face masks, we're childish I know but its like a mini spa in our apartment. Living with tayler & our roommates is like having a sleepover everynight and it's filled with nothing but fun. Seriously we're always doing crazy things, laughing or just enjoying the moment. gotta get to sleep. Im not doin so well in school hah I probably should focus on it. What sucks is that I'm actually trying! haha I studied for my math test for like 3 hours and I got an E on it, yes that's LOWER than an F. I didn't even know they gave those out. suck!!!! I hate math with a passion. It's supposed to snow tomorrowwww I cant wait because that means snowboarding season is THAT much closer! haleluliahhhhhhhh

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Jolyn said...

I love your blog. I get to hear about you and my girl T. Thanks!

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