Sunday, November 1, 2009


1. Everyday I draw a heart on my wrist
2. I slept through church today, someone has to tell me why they decided 9 am church was OK for college students. who wakes up? It's not like i MEANT to sleep through it.
3. Ive becomed obsessed with the local candle shops in orem
4. people have been smashing pumpkins. our apartment complex has little pumpkin peices all over. we're all real mature. i didn't smash pumpkins Im wayyyy too mature for that. ha well if i had a pumpkin I would have classes are driving me insane.
7. tests aren't my thing
8. taylor swifts blog is one of the most humbling things Ive read
9. I love autum/fall
10. my snowboard is staring at me right now. makes me want to go reeeallll baaad.
11. there is a ghost upstairs, who makes noise at all hours of the day/night. don't believe me? ask my roommates. they'll tell you the same thing. it's paranormal activity.
12. ps i refuse to see that movie ^
13. I hate school. just like the college life
14. owl city is my favorite band tonight
15. halloween rocked, me & tayler party hopped, and partied it up with chris, kolby, derek, vance, & everyone else who came to the party. <3 <3 <3

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ms. rawlings said...

I LOVE YOU ! I DID NOT KNOW YOU HAD A BLOG! I'm adding you to my list! You better behave. haha i miss you. it was great to see you! LOVE YOU BABE, always!!!

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