Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.

1. I rarely blog, I wish it wasn't that way but it is, school makes it hard to blog. yeah school--that's my excuse. I know, I'm lame. I like blogging because everything just flows out. as I read Yarm and rachel rawls and leahs and sadies blogs along with everyone else i can tell they love it too. shoutout to yarm-you need to write a book it would be bomb. your a superb writer.
2. christmas break has gone by WAY to freakin fast. It sucks how when your a kid it seems it takes for-ev-er for christmas to get here but when you "grow up" it comes way too quick. yeah that's the crapy way it is. I remember being a little kid sleeping in my room with jackie and us just talking and thinking about christmas and thinking "where's santa?" because for the hours before we had to go to bed we'd stalk santa on or whatever it is. and just that feeling of excitment. so this year I was lying in my bed on christmas eve & literally pretended i was 8 years old again. you all should try it.
3. one christmas I wore my reindeer antlers all the way into February. true story ask the momsy.
4. Im still spirited by the way. I buy way too many pine and cinnamon candles and make sure their always lit in whatever room i am in.
5.I wear these earrings that are lightbulbs the old colored kind that used to be on houses before all this new stuff came out ha those light up an their earrings.
6.I have reindeer earrings that have bells on them.
7.& one last thing, this one is new for me, this lady diane who does my hair put tinsel in my hair. how awesome is that? I know. be jealous. everyone loves it. it's cool with the heat and everything & it's just tied in my hair so i can curl it or take it out or whatever I want. I'm pretty sure Im going to leave it in for a bit because i think it's rad.
8. this year jackie & brandon didn't celebrate christmas with us. so it was just me, cody, mom & dad for christmas. kinda sucked, we had a great christmas don't get me wrong..but it woulda been better if jack jack and b were there. and aubree & andrew & baby ethan
9. I love vegas so much. I just love what's in vegas: my family and my friends.
10. I love that when I go home I'm constantly eating delicious homemade foods made by my wonderful amazing chef mamma orrock. she insists on making homemade rolls, jelly, chicken soup, multiple pies, dips, fruit salad, dough for sugar cookies, gingerbread dough. basically she makes everything I hope one day Im a good cook like her.
11. I love my house in vegas. we've lived in the same one for like 18ish years. so basically my whole life. it's perfect. every now and then I see old pix of the house and it's seriously cool to see how our house has transformed throughout the years, from our grey carpet to our flowered wallpaper and etc.
12. the only thing from centuries ago I believe that has survived through the changes is these two birds me and jackie got when we were little. their glass or something, hanging on our ceilings, well now jackie's old room is cody's so he and i have these awesome colorful toucans & I will never get rid of it.. one day it will make its way into my child's room, just you wait & see.
13.My house has the coolest scars on it, like the ceiling right when you walk in the front door. one day me, jack, and my mom went to the store and bought those 50 cent sticky hands things from those machines and took it home and me and jackie shot one up on the ceiling and I swear it's still there. with it's collected dust or whatever it's still there and its cool to me i don't want it to move.
14. i just noticed something. I'm sitting in my room on my bed and i just glanced around my room & there's this capsule that jackie made in achievement days a looonnng time ago. I made one too but it's probably in my attic. So when jackie was engaged we found this capsule and it said things like what do you want in a spouse and tons of other things & it's funny because @ the time I made that I remember thinking well this is weird. Even if I was married there's no way I would remember this capsule I made There's even this note we wrote to our future husband. Jack Jack just read what she wrote though and Brandon's eyes never saw it. Jackie & brandy are the cutest things ever. you can take one look & realize how IN LOVE they are and I'm so glad my sister can be that happy.
15. my christmas couldn't have been better. neither could my break. it was great. i love my family & my friends you guys are the best.
Merry Christmas, LOVE me & my santa cat romeo.

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