Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear John.

1. today all I have done is a) .lay on my couch and read my new obsession : Dear John, and b.) have my heated blanket on high.
2. How lazy can I get honestly? This book is bomb though. it's so sweet and the whole time I'm thinking of channing tatum. yummy. he's so gorgeous I can't believe he's married. --that's the book cover. cute right?
This is something I missed this year. last year we had the whole family together & this year it was half the size of this. but I still had a great year. just makes me miss the better ones with everyone here.
4. I miss my roomies. we have the cutest tree waiting for us back home. yeah I call my apartment home. it's my second home but im lucky to have the best room mates ever. I just miss all this.
I suppose that's enough for now, I'll leave you with one last picture you will LOVE santa kitty. again. poor romeo.. this happens every year haha :)

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Haley and Barry Beus said...

Glad to know you have a blog... I'll be keeping an eye on you now! I want to read that book, nice to have a good recom. For a split sec I thought that was you in the "dear john" pic ... I was like take it easy christy. :)

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