Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mothers Day to the BEST Mom in the entire world. I need my Mom more than ever it seems these days. Since they've moved in August it's definitely been an adjustment. Before, we'd get Cafe Rio on a weekly basis it seems and when we were on health kicks, Panera. ;) Not to mention our Target trips where we went for nothing, just wanted to go see if there were any new shoes or look for a family game or something. I love my Mom more than anything in this world. I was so grateful that my sister Jackie and my Mom came to visit me, lil 'ol me in Las Vegas for Mother's Day weekend!! Luckily I got 2 out of the 3 days they were here off thanks to an awesome boss of mine. On friday, they came to Bellagio and I had a whole set up for them and Alyssa & Becca and served them pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris and pink lemonade daiquiris. I just wanted to ignore my whole section and just hang out with them, but I didn't. haha. On saturday, we woke up and had brunch inside Tivoli Village at Poppy Seed. It's a cute and trendy little place with couches outside (see photo below). We had a quick bite to eat which was perfect and we headed to Town Square. We shopped our little hearts out at H&M where I got a sunhat I was reallly excited about and a swimsuit coverup I'm obsessed with. Then we went to sephora where I find myself smelling every perfume and spraying myself with 10+ different kinds thinking one smells good but really it's just the mix of them all that smells good probably. Jackie ventured off and ended up painting her nails all different colors and I kept asking her what perfume smelled the best but she wasn't feeling well so she couldn't even smell and I kept forgetting. After Sephora we walked around, bought some assorted cookies, took some pictures and just walked around. I had the best time with them, they are awesome. My Mom came to town with chocolate zucchini bread (my faaave) and then she made me 3 loaves of bread which is also my absolute faaave on Saturday night when she was probably so tired from walking around all day. Also, she left behind Dove chocolates, a huge tub of Nutella, family size of Dorito bag... what else? haha she is the best.  After Town Square we went to the Container Park downtown which was really fun for them to see. Each night we passed out watching random movies on netflix and falling asleep. Sunday, the actual Day of Mothers, we had brunch (we love brunch) at Egg Works. I love that place. We had some family friends come and the little girls reminded me of Jackie and myself when we were little kiddies. Then we came home and they left a little while after. I'm so so so happy they came down this weekend. I needed it. Somehow I was blessed with the best family members ever created. I did miss my Dad and Cody though, (don't think I forgot you Dad) -- who is also my number one blog follower these days who I totally appreciate. He loves when we all hang out, he knows I'd love to be up in utah spending Mother's Day with everyone too. They had a fun man wknd in Wyoming which actually sounded really cool. I can't wait to do a family vacation this summer. Family members, if you're reading, I love you guys so dang much and I'm so so so blessed with you guys. Friends, I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mother's are the best, they make everything better. 

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Valerie said...

I loved this weekend!! We had so much fun- it was perfect! :D Can't wait for you to come up for your birthday next month! Love you and miss you every single day.

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