Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crawfish town

So I went to Louisiana round 2 for valentines day weekend because gav had that Monday off for Presidents' Day!

Here's the traditional plane pic. He hates pictures but whatevvz.

Lil boomer.

This was a day or two before we left. It was a nice night and we went to angel park to golf a lil. I didn't golf it was too cold but I got to drive the golf cart, we made a friend, I attempted to take a bunny home and had a good time.

This is a lil snapshot of the annoying construction going on right now.

Mallory and jeana

Fried pork skins. Ew. Enough said.

Food for the camp. Just meat. Lighter fluid and alcohol. Classic guys.

This old school cash register at a reallllly good donut shop called meches

The "camp" is literally in a place called happy town.

This is the camp. It's actually super cool. About 20 people spent the night in there with room to spare.

I signed the board!

King cake. Mmmmmm

I ate crawfish that gavs dad just caught that day. They were good! They just tasted like baby lobster and gav made this really good dipping sauce for me which was awesome.

Much better than I expected to be honest. Best valentines day trip ever. Ha

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Jackie Welling said...

I'm SOOO shocked you ate crawfish! Next, SALMON!

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