Sunday, February 2, 2014

Onto February

I'm so glad January is over with. That being said, it flew by. Gav and I got the chance to go to Utah to see the fam and ski a little it was a blast. I have the best family. I miss them everyday.

Pookie the worlds cutest husky.

At the lodge. Taking a break hahhh

The pretty pretty day!

This dreaded hill I accidentally went down like 4 times. It is one of those hills you have to take to get to another lift it just sucked.

Ugh they're the cutest.

You know me. Always gotta have a photo shoot with my cute nieces and nephew!!!

They're adorable. Everyone went to my mom and dads house for the super bowl. It's strange not being there for stuff like that.

My girls. Were gonna have a fun summer at Bellagio.

The pretty sunset.

Our BFF jaron that is always down for whatever whenever. Our little entrepreneur we love to death. We decided in less than 10 minutes to go to Disneyland this week.

I feel like this is a good photo to end on. Cheers to a February.

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