Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I count this past week as a vacation. School starts tmrw and so it's back to the norm but I had a blast this past weekend.

Gavin and I went to Cali. Back in December I bought tickets for the volcano choir concert because it's Gavin's favorite and it's nearby so we drove to Cali real quick and went to the concert on Saturday. We went to the Santa Monica beach that was gorgeous. (see pictures below) ;) it was a short mini trip. We stayed at my bff Jessica's house. We barely got to see her sadly but I adore her. She's so cute. I miss her.

I love forcing Gavin to take pictures with me.

He's the best.

I loved this theatre. It was super cool.

I kinda wanted to throw a party in it. One day.

Finally saw some stars on Hollywood blvd. this ones empty ... Just waiting for my name.

We went to Hoover dam and red rock with Gavin's mom tootsie and her two friends Faye and Lena. Sweetest nicest most wonderful and funniest ladies you will ever meet I tell you. I had the best time with them.

We ate like fat kings too.

This is my filet mignon, 12 oz. medium rare steak at joes stone crab. Ate the whole thing. So good.

Breakfast. really good too.

Geisha. Always bomb.

I love this picture it's random but oh well.

Also my despicable me backpack came in! I love it. Ask me if I have room in my closet for it tho haha

Gold strike for colleens 23rd birthday!

Love my lil roomie sawah.

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