Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh 2014...

Remember when I said, "I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store for me...." well I take it back. 2014 has kinda sucked so far... and we're only on day 8. On the 2nd, as per usual thursdays... we were headed to Stoneys. It was 10pm and I was in the car with Sarah. We were turning left onto Las Vegas Blvd and I heard a loud pop/crash behind me all the sudden there was a red car to my left that I could touch if I rolled down my window. The light was green and I wasn't sure if my car had been hit, kinda just a nervous chaos happened. I drove through the intersection because I was just kinda scrambled and in shock ish... and realized my car had been slightly hit by the accident. I went back and the other cars had much more damage than mine. The guy that hit us had been drinking kinda and was just out of it, and the girl that got rear ended badly had to go to the hospital. I was just glad everyone was ok... It's just a hassle and its sad when that crap happens. Also... I'm just bored. School hasn't started. Bellagio hasn't started, so I'm just chillin. I need to find somewhere to volunteer. I also need to go up to utah for a good week and snowboard. My mom sent me a video today of their backyard and the snow and she said,  "I don't have anyone to build a snowman with" and I kid you not I looked up flight prices that minute. How is it cheaper to fly from anywhere pretty much but vegas? So stupid. I'm definitely not driving there I'll tell you that. I'm taking a break from driving these days.
 Gavin and I went to red rock on the 4th after getting massages. The 4th was my mom's big birthday. I wanted to be in utah but honestly I'm just getting better from a stupid
cold, and so was Gavin so really we had to just stay put and not travel right now.
Just know that I love you Mom and that I wanted to be there. 
 Gavin's a photographer now also... I make him take pictures of me
and nature.. He gets mad but whatever. 

 Forced him to take this one.... haha 

Cheers to hopefully a better 2014. 

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Valerie said...

2014 will be a fabulous year for you honey, I just know it! I feel like there's so much to br grateful for, really. Love you endlessly!

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