Sunday, November 21, 2010

This one's for you Ashlee

So my cousin Ashlee informed me that all my posts are about weird things like shoes. She said she wants me to blog on things going on in my life. The sad thing is there isn't much to tell. its fine. By the end of the week I just want to be around family. Its the best feeling ever, but lately its been about every weekend that I want to escape provo and migrate up to West Jordan or Syracuse or Ogden to see my family. Maybe its the holidays coming up, I don't know what it is, but I like it.

November 6th that weekend my cute cousin benson was baptized. My sister Aubree and I went to the baptism. He is probably the cutest thing ever. I love him. He's super strong too. Can't believe he's already 8.

Then, November 13th, the next weekend, I drove myself up to my family for the weekend. I spent friday night at my sister Aubree's house and then I went to Syracuse to visit my cousin Ashlee. My cousins are basically my sisters. We've always been close. I love that. Its nice.

My family probably doesn't realize how they save me when I come up and they welcome me with open arms. For example: I went to Ashlee's saturday, she was at a baptism until 5ish and I got there around 4 so I walked into her house, made myself some hot chocolate, plopped onto the couch and turned on some Harry Potter. Seriously how nice is that? The neighbors probably thought I was a creeper or something but my family is the best in the whole entire world. They Save Me.

Me and my cousin Ashlee made these AMAZING cookies, they were seriously the easiest cookies I have ever made. I'll have to get the recipe but there were literally about 5 ingredients for these delicious chocolatey chipped cookies!!
K THIS IS AMAZING ^ Ashlee and I are SO PROUD of these eclairs!!! Seriously they are to die for!!! they're SO good. I'll post the recipe on another post so that you all can have it. They turned out GREAT. seriously. Everybody loved em!
Cutest niece ever? I'd say so. Baylee Aubree Blau. Love her.
Okay, this picture wasn't my idea. My talented, beautiful, and wonderful cousin Hollie makes THE CUTEST bows, headbands, etc. She gave me this one, she's the sweetest. Seriously they are the cutest things ever. My cousin Emily made me pose and be a model for a second. Cute hoodie with my modeling picture right? I know. I know.

The point is, I have a talented, wonderful, supporting, beautiful family. I don't know how I got so lucky. I love my cousins, my second cousins who don't know if I'm their Aunt or what because I'm always around. I love love love my family. They are the beestest.

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