Sunday, November 28, 2010

I tag YOU!!!

I found this tag thing from jack, my sister's blog a looong time ago. you all should do it!!

ps jack I stole a bunch of your answers... what can i say? We're family & we have the same answers!!! :)

lots of love kiddies, XOXO, Chris!

8 TV Shows I Like to Watch:
1. Ace of Cakes
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Gossip Girl
4. One Tree Hill
5. 90210
6. Hell Cats
7. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. I hung out with my sister aubree, my fantastic brother-in-law andrew, and my niece and nephew.
2. Watched the BYU-UTAH game with my family.
3. Went to Papa Murphy's with Cody and we got 2 awesome pizzas and cookie dough that was delicious.
4. Had pancakes with my aunt, cousins, second cousins and my mom.
5. Went to the gym, to shed off the Thanksgiving pounds, or atleast atempt to!!
7. I have a boring life and nothing else happened. haha

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. BJ's Brewery
2. Cafe Rio
3. Pei Wei (orange chicken peel)
4. Provo Bakery (does it count if it's just doughnuts and rolls?)
5. Los Hermanos
6. Benihanas/Geisha
7. Taco Bell
8. My apartment, because I like to cook and sometimes it turns out decent!

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. Christmas with everyone, I'm talking brother in laws, B-I-L's family, long lost brothers in Vienna & his gf. IM talkin URREONE.
2. Seeing my family
3. Shopping
4. Christmas break!!
5. Seeing old vegas friends: SANDRA, JESSICA b, LANSKIIII
6. Decorating/baking for Christmas!
7. The SNOW! Seriously, I have a mad craving to go snowboarding, and it's PRETTY!
8. New Years kiss? hmmm :)

8 Things I am Passionate About:
1. my friends
2. My family
3. being an aunt
4. helping people
5. my kitty Romeo
6. travelling.
7. eating
8. shopping

8 People I Tag:
1. Tayler
2. Emily
3. britt fes
4. jack jack
5-8. Anyone who is bored/ needs a reason to blog!

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