Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks. Gracias. DAY!

Thanksgiving day was wonderful. Each year, my family has a gigantic thanksgiving at a church up in Ogden. Usually 70-150 people come, we don't go every year, probably something like every other year, but when we go, we have a blast. I think this is the 87th year we have done it, or something like that.
My little brother. Handome. Mature (most the time). & can kick my BUTT.

Our thanksgiving is held at a church in Ogden, UT, that area. We ate all the turkey, ham, and stuffing we could handle then we played Minute to WIN IT games.
How fun right? It was TONS of fun.

This is my second cousin Allie. She calls me her aunt though. I like to think of her mom and the rest of my cousins as my sisters. So this is my neice. She's amazing. Wonderful inside and out.
Beautiful, caring, & funny as heck.

Sammie and Allie. Sisters. They are wonderful girls.

Close up of Cody. I love this picture. Gorgeous blue eyes.. sweet smile.. Seriously he has grown so much!! He's almost as tall as me and he is 10 years old!! I couldn't get over how much he had grown when my family came this weekend.
I LOVE my brother.
I'm kind of asian in this picture but its okay. I love this sweater on Cody too. Code is obsessed with it. He wore it for about 3 days in a row. I said, "Cody you have worn that for about 3 days straight.. you have to change!" His reply: "it's a sweater... so I can wear it over my shirts as much a I want. "

He's right. That little weasel.. It looks so good on him though.. I love skinny jeans on kids. He has some and they are SO CUTEE on him!!

Minute to Win it games and pinata and other thanksgiving pix:

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