Sunday, November 21, 2010

Round 2

Yep, I'm blogging AGAIN. I go a week or two without blogging and then I'm back at it on Sundays. This one's about halloween that was forever ago. I know. I'm late. I like how blogs are kind of like a journal. only public. which is fine. I like it.

Here it goes.

I like pictures. so here are some:

halloween weekend my brother cody had a soccer game which he won 5-0. He's a star. I love that kid. Way proud of him.
Sure he's 10, I'm 19. 9 year difference but we're super close. I love him, I love his sense of humor, and having nerf gun wars. He just got a cell phone last week and I love that I can get a text from him or a phone call. He doesn't know how he brightens up my days.

This is my vegas crew. My halloween party. Mixed variety of costumes, from a flapper to a hippie and then Snooki and Pauly D. Even Alice in Wonderland was there. LOVE these guys.
Maaa girls. They're cute.
Let me just tell you there were a million kids. Imagine all these kids coming to your house at once.
These twins are the cutest little girls ever. They're like my family. They are Cody's best friend- Oliver's little sisters: Grace and Amelia. They are the best. I've known them since they were little babies.
They're obviously growing up. Can't believe it.
My Mom's the cutest. love her.
I took these little troublemakers trick or treating. Just me. It was horrid.
Let me tell you a funny story, as we are walking, these people
were walking past us with their children and these guys scream, "oh DUDE, sweet they're
terrorists!!!" THEY were NOT terrorists. hahah that was how they usually dressed.
This couple looked at me and I just apologized and ran away fast. I laughed a little inside though.

10 year olds are hilarious. All they talk about are girls and how cute some of them are, and they say DUDE every 10 seconds I kid you not.

My hoodlum crew.
I captured my Dad's easygoing personality in this picture I feel.
This is his typical and favorite outfit. Two denims together. No matter
how many times me and my Mom say "YOU CAN'T WEAR TWO DENIMS TOGETHER"
This stubborn man just ignores us and says, "I'm comfortable!!" He cracks me up.
I really like this outfit truthfully, cause it's SO him. He rocks it.

This picture makes me laugh. I love it.
My Best Friend, Cody. He's cool.


Haylee said...

hahaha I laughed out loud at your terrorist story. That is freaking hilarious I swear things like that happen to me all the time.
You are super pretty by the way! I love how you do your eye makeup. (That's not meant to be creepy. Just in case you were wondering. haha)

Christy Orrock said...

That's so sweet of you. Thank you! I came across your blog somehow but you're super talented girl!! I wish I could make stuff like you!! Keep it up :) oh & seriously the most embarrassing things happen to me but I secretly love it haha :)

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