Thursday, October 21, 2010

shoes. SHOOZ. shuez.

I'm obsessed with shoes. boots. sneekers. flats. flip flops. stilettos. heels. over the knee boots. any shoes. I love love love them. I have a fascination with the design of them and the fact I can immediately fall in love with them or I can immediately hate them. Here are some ones I like:

Half the shoes I like immediately are either 1.) too tall for me. Since I'm 5'9 I gotta watch my height. I can't score a basketball playa so I gotta stay close to the flats section or 2" shoes. But it doesn't hurt to dream. or 2.) Too expensive. Some shoes are just too expensive like the ones above. But sometimes ya just get a good deal at Nordstrom Rack and life seems that much better.. That's how it goes for me anyhow, I still love expensive shoes, at least I can ponder at them. I've settled with flat boots. And I'm diggin this new style of the tie up, old school lookin' boot. i'm not lovin the wedge shoe, or clog. Whatever you want to call it, it's in the past and it should stay there. I can't rock it anyway... I'm sure there's someone out there that can make the clog look good but until then my opinion stands.


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Nick + Paige said...

...I share this shoe obsession. I don't have a problem with the height thing but the money?...big problem. Especially now that I'm a poor married woman and all my extra money goes toward rent/car payment/groceries/boring adult things.It's torture. Haha.

p.s. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :)

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