Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 This thanksgiving was one for the books. Lots of new things happened this year... obviously my family moved to Utah so it was their first thanksgiving in Utah. We usually have our thanksgiving at a church in Utah that all of my relatives, cousins, grammys everybody goes to usually that's around 100+ people. Obviously it's very very stressful and difficult for the fab ladies of our family to cook for that many people every single year, so we decided to just have smaller Thanksgivings this year. 
 Luckily this year my famous blog sister, Jackie and Brandon could make it. Also, my Grandma Gourley from Sweet Home Oregon came to visit for a bit. 
 Got the whole fam together.. almost. Also, I refuse to admit Cody is as tall as me. 
 See look? He's shorter than me... we went to the Salt Lake City Temple where they had the Christmas lights set up. The lights were beautiful, they had lots of horses trotting around with carriages full of families and couples snuggling under blankets. It was freezing and it wasn't even snowing. I had boots over my knees, a hat, scarf, gloves, everything you could possibly need in the cold and I was just freeeeezing.  

 A day after thanksgiving when the wishbone was dry we each made a wish and 
pulled annnnd naturally I won. Cody was a good contender though. 
 Our cats are so unique.
 Moo actually climbs the christmas tree and so does Romeo.
 They're hilarious. 
 So we had thanksgiving. Then the next day we had a "2nd" thanksgiving with Aubree and Andrew and Ethan, Baylee, and Lilee because they spent it with Andrew's family. So, this photo isn't of my first thanksgiving plate, but my second plate. Pretty sure I don't need to be eating for a whole month. 
 We were suckers this year and we went black friday shopping. With that being said let me just say that if you're going black friday shopping, go in UTAH. I kid you not, everyone was so nice. The lines weren't long at all, granted we weren't brave enough to go to Wal Mart... but whatevs. We went to target, Bath and Body Works, Old Navy, man I can't even remember where else. The point is we went. 

 Baylee is growing up. She's a beaut. Love her to pieces. She's such a good dancer these days. 
 We played this game on the kinect called "Hole in the wall" and it was hilarious. Your body has to configure to whatever the picture is on the screen. We passed most of them. 

 I couldn't get these two to sit still. Baylee just kept pushing the chair in circles... that's when I knew I was old... When I got dizzy sick from that. When you're little you can spin in circles without getting sick, then when you're older you get sick. 
 So let me begin by saying before I came to Thanksgiving, I expected Christmas decorations to be up. Now I'm not talking lights outside, frosty the snowman blown up thing in the front yard or anything.. just a few things inside the house, especially the tree. When I came wednesday though.. there was no tree in the house. I brought presents with me because when I'm coming up to utah in december I'm flying and from salt lake I'm flying to Louisiana, so I can't bring presents with me then and I'm definitely not shipping them to utah so I had to shop in the past month for everyones gifts. So with that being said my Mom and Dad kind of realized that their tree should be up and decorations should be out, so we put up the tree and christmas decorations, even frosty in the front yard.. So I'm a happy girl. 

 Our 10 foot fake christmas tree is in three different parts... the very top needs to be put on with a ladder obviously. However, we were too impatient so I had cody put the top on by getting on my shoulders. I didn't think about the fact that he's like 106 pounds. Needless to say, I need to get a massage when I get home, cause I'm sore. So pathetic. 
 Fun fact about christy... I'm not a fan of pies. Between my Mom and sister Jackie, we had cherry, blackberry, apple, and pumpkin pie. I was complaining about how I don't like pies and blah blah so my mom made me a chocolate pie WITH  crushed oreo crust and homemade whipped cream. Uh can you say best mom and grandma ever? I love them. 

I captured this photo of pookie when we were putting christmas decoration outside. He'll only be cute if he doesn't suspect you're looking or taking photos of him. 
This thanksgiving has been awesome. No complaints by me. I'm headed back to vegas with leftovers for months. I have the best family. I say that every single day I know, but its too true. I'm sitting here, just drank hot chocolate that my dad made, and at first it was too cold and didn't have enough chocolate in it... so I was appreciative but had mom fix it... and then dad made toast with jelly because he thinks that goes with hot chocolate, and now I do too. They are perfect. Dad, I know you are going to read this, just know that  you are awesome and I love you so dang much. Best thanksgiving ever with the best family ever. 

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