Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blessed x infinity

It's been the best week ever. Lots has happened. Lots of surprises, dinners, laughs, decorating, and mostly lots of blessings. This semester to be honest, I didn't know how I was going to do it. My family moving, me moving all my crap, 6 classes, an internship and a full time job. Luckily everything has worked out, as it does and I knew it would. I made it through my classes at UNLV and I had the best time with my internship meeting all sorts of people and having such fun experiences.

Under the Bart Simpson head is my friend Gary. He was an intern at LVNG too this semester. He's a character, obvi.

Us three interns were given the task to decorate these giant towel bins to put toys in. It's probably the worst shape to put paper over to be honest but we somehow managed with little criticism and only a few rips that some tape helped fix. ;)


It's the little things. I love our lights around the window. Why can't these be acceptable year round?

We made it back to Stoney's on Thursday. I hadn't been in a minute. We had a blast as usual. Annnd the NFR was in town so we saw lots of country folk.

Maa giiirlllS.

Matt, me and Gary the interns. We actually raised a lot of toys for the charity "communities in schools." Someone even brought a bike. I was touched.

Bin #2.

My sweet gav. He got us tickets to the fray!!! Gavin degraw opened for them and auburn Sunset before them. The show was at the joint in the hard rock. It was such a great performance, all of the performers sounded really really good.

Balloons came down at the end and we had the best seats! It was the best night.

I went to the library and studied for a little bit. I abso freakin lately loved the library. There was just something awesome about it being quiet, warm and welcoming that I needed in my life that day. Then I started talking to two workers there about how the gingerbread house kits suck and everything needs to be homemade. They agreed and we talked about recipes and i just loved my life.

As if gav wasn't already too good to me..... He surprised me with a tree!!!! (And no dad there wasn't a ring or anything hidden in it or on the top) hahaha pre story:::: so this whole month is my favorite. I love December, hot chocolate, baking, cold weather, boots & scarves, and oh CHRISTMAS TREES!!!!! I love it. A month ago I was already talking about how excited I was to decorate the tree and have one up and blah blah. I put up colorful lights in my room (that you would think a 3 year old would have done themselves) and i called it good. Sarah has a fake Christmas tree in the garage that won't open. Not with our key, not with the opener and not even with new batteries. It's been frustrating. So as a surprise and early Christmas gift (2 things I love) gav surprised me and got me a Christmas treeeeee! It's a noble fir!! I love It. My fam would always get a real Christmas tree every year and somehow wed always be drawn to the noble firs. It smells awesome. I think that's why I enjoy the real alive trees as compared to the stiff dusty fake trees that are too convenient. They smell so good, each branch is different and you appreciate it more.

These are my awesome decorations that I love.

If you know me you know I gotta have at least one cat pic perf blog post. Haha.

The beaut herself.

December is flying by. This week I have 5 finals. 2 tmrw and 3 on Wednesday. I can't wait. I am incredibly blessed with awesome friends and family. I couldn't be a happier person.

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