Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

This Christmas has been one for the books. Definitely a first of many for our family. It's been the first Christmas not on angelfish drive that usually ends up everybody in the hot tub and swimming. Luckily Utahs weather is pretty sunny and about 50 degrees. Snow is on the ground and our snowman that we made is melting haha. It's really nice out though.

We all went ice skating at the cosmopolitan hotel. It was packed but actually really fun.

Gav took me to the magical special forest. I think I've outgrown that place. Or I need to bring a kid with me so that it looks like they maaaade me go on the train with them haha.

My perfect lil moo.

My lil monster Ethan.

Snow makes everything pretty. Even the "ugliest" trees are gorgeous. To me anyways.

Pookers loves the snow. Loves it.

1 of 2 trees up in this hiZZZZY.

Made some gingerbread houses.

My cute wittle Momsy.

Sooooo I put every single candy I could find on my gingerbread house. Jackie's was all proper planned and so pretty and mine was chaotic and crazy but I do that every year and I love it.

Lil Baylee loving her outfit and shoes haha.

Cute grown up Allie. I love this lil girl and shoutout to Allie and Ashlee the only ones that read my blog haha. Love ya guys.

My cute cousin was in the Christmas carol play in midway Utah the play was awesome. I never realized how talented Mary and kate were they have the most beautiful voices! Good job guys.

The sibs.

Cody's all about photo bombing these days haha. Annnd Jackie wears pimp clothes with her cute Tory burch boots.

Lil frosty.

These two yahoos. Haha they both came to my eye exam because I've been having tons of trouble with my eyes these days and I got great news for the most part! Best Christmas gift I could ask for.

My pretty cousin Mary. Lowkey she really looks like an angel.

Wittle romy!

Cody photo bombing once again. Haha. Momsy and me just snapping a photo outside of the pretty temple lights.

Lil bro.

Pooks was spoiled. We gave him a prime rib bone and he loved his life. Seriously.

Cody got skis for christmas!

I love the infinity lil thing. My mom and dad got me this.

Another bone on Christmas morning. Haha.

The perfect chaos of Christmas morning.

This Christmas was awesome. Were all healthy and happy and blessed. that's all that really matters. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. 2013 has been good to me.

Location:Sandy, UT

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