Thursday, November 7, 2013


Happy Halloween!!! I know we're like six days into November, but whatevs. October flew by. I honestly don't understand how it flew by so fast. It was a good month though. Here's what happened.
 We went to this party at Tommy Rocker's that we always go to. It's colleen's mom's friend's party. Yeah, we party with adults. Truth is, I'm so lame I probably left around 11, you can ask Colleen. She hates how lame and old and tired I am these days. 

 For my internship, I got to work the costume contest at Surrender Nightclub at Encore. I honestly was freaked out by these costumes, however they were the best ones I had seen for sure. These guys deserved to win. It was an awesome costume. 

 The guy that won was in a cage being carried by a gorilla. Pretty clever, I've seen it before.. it is funny though. 
 So.... the actual night of Halloween we had friends over and watched scary movies and had pizza, cupcakes and a bunch of candy from the trick or treaters that didn't show up at the condo as I prayed they would. I love trick or treaters. Angelfish was always poppin, we literally ran out of candy, our hood was the place to be, and now its impossible for any trick or treaters to come by the condo :( So sad. Ok, so back to these random pics of me with lil Bailee, well, Gavin and Britney were watching a scary movie, and Colleen had just left and Sarah was passed out on the floor and this movie was scary. It was one of those movies based off of real life or a true story or whatever.. so I already thought it was scary. I tried to stay in the room while the movie played, I was on my phone... I cleaned up pizza and cleaned up the kitchen... then I just couldn't stand it, I went in my room... And I know it's mainly Ashlee and Allie and Sammy and lil Reagan reading this, so this is a prime example when you should follow your gut feeling. If you have a bad feeling and you need to walk out or go away from whatever it is making you feel like that, do it. I said, with no shame, "k, I can't watch this, it's too scary, I'm going in my room." and then Bez came in and we had a lil photoshoot... she loves me...... sometimes. haha I sometimes think I like scary movies, buuuut I really don't like being scared... so I'll just stick to UP, and Despicable me and Harry Potter..... 

 My Dad left the house with his big smelly red truck. Then he came home with something random, as he usually does.... annnnd it happened to be a air hockey table. Poor gavin... hadda help him put it all together mainly just taking it downstairs to the basement. haha Nothing says welcome to the family like random hard labor. 

 My seester and I both changed our hair. She went a little more on the red side, and I cut mine and made it blonder. Cody said, "oh you painted your hair? I like it!" haha yes, I painted my hair. He's cute. 

 Gavin & pooks. 

 My wittle brudder that is still little.. For now. He's almost taller than me. I can't have him be taller than me.. I just cant. I did give him a piggy back ride in the costco parking lot though... I'm pretty sure it was my last one ever... sad. 
 Banksy in Park City! K, so Banksy is a street artist that nobody knows. He does his artwork not to be recognized, but just because it's good. Some of his stuff that I've seen is amazing. I seriously was stoked when I saw this.   READ more about him HERE. Street art is amazing and so difficult to me I think that's why I appreciate it so much. 
 Park City had the coolest shops, I got stuck in this one. I love purple. I also love indian jewelry, like the turquoise and opal, basically all of it. I love love love it. 

 Seriously the prettiest sight. The mountains with a lil snow on them, the last few fall leaves on the tree, and a bright sunny day. The day before this, it was like 50-60 and sunny and hot. Then saturday it was like snowy and 40-50 and then in the afternoon it was sunny. Insane. 
 We had a little end of the year work party for Bellagio at Yardhouse/Blue Martini at Town Square. 
I absolutely love these girls. We couldn't have had a better group of girls to work so close with every single day. I really am going to miss the summer with these chicks. 

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