Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthdays, Graduation, and changes!!

I have so so so much to talk about! This weekend flew by and was way fun! My fam came up from Vegas to go to Jackie's graduation on friday, so they were here all weekend. Also, it is cody's 11th birthday today (sunday)! So we celebrated saturday with the whole fam, and then drove back to vegas on sunday! oh & osama bin laden died on cody's birthday!

We had a nothing bundt cake. It was delicioussss! Totally worth the $32.00.
Me and Cody had a little hot tub session on sunday after we drove home, just chilled, and then our mom brought us out some pizza. Then we had cake of course. She's the sweetest thing ever.

Cody and his birthday present, a iPod. I'll never forget, he opened it and said, "oh I love it!!! it's so awesome... is there any more presents or is this just it?" haha little does he know our dad is getting him a 4 wheeler which is the coolest thing ever. I'm excited because I get to help pick it out!
Me and the Birthday Boy who kicked my trash in bowling!!

Me & the Graduate! Congrats Jaggieee :)

This is Ethan. My nephew. He's a "future missionary" if you haven't noticed. He is adorable and awesome and cute and wonderful. Can't stand being away from him for 2 seconds.

Our super cool brother in law andrew playin a game with Cody. Ps. this place doesn't use tokens for machines, they have this machine that gives you a credit card lookin thing and you put money on it and swipe it at every game you want to play. Made me feel old, because they're not using tokens anymore. Crazy.

This is my fully loaded car ready to move to Vegas! Utah family if you're reading this (ashlee, allie, sammy, reaggy, holls, I think I got you all :) ) I will miss living so close to you guys and coming up for sunday dinners, and crashing your houses, stealing food and playing with your kids. We'll of course be up to visit but its just sad I'm not an hour and a half away anymore. Love you guys tons and tons tho!!

The familia at Jack's Graduation!


hahaha I love this picture of Baylee. Her face is priceless. Seriously she is the worlds most perfect baby. Ask anyone!!

I have had such a lovely time in utah, meeting friends, hanging out with family up there more and just growing. It's been an adventure for sure, but now vegas is my new adventure and I'm reeeeallly excited about it. So I love you all.... xoxo.

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