Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shoutout to the roomies

This blog post is dedicated to my wonderful x-roomies. Their names are *(these are in no particular order, but if they were, Linds-bear would be last):
Kyley Hailes, Lindsey Coles (Linds bear), Tayler Stratton, Kelcie Hansen, Stephanie Horton, Jamie Hill, & Nakell Stout.

These girls have been the most fun thing about the past year and a half of my life. Tayler and I moved into our apartment not knowing our future roomies, but luckily we hit it off like we were friends for years. We were lucky for sure.

Sooooo its real sad that I left them and moved back to Sin City, but I just wanted to let them know how much I loved them... soooooo here it goes:

Ky: I love ya. plain and simple. even though you like rice and pudding or whatever. You make me laugh, you're pretty, and sometimes nice to me & just as equally sarcastic which I love. :) hahaha

*I swear I'm not mean, just sarcastic. you guys know, but if anyone else reads this they'll probably think I'm a beast!!

Linds Bearrrr: First of all, it makes me sad no body will call you Linds bear once I'm gone.... but the nickname will forever stay. I'm glad we got to be roomies because 1. we're alike in our sarcastic ways and it makes me laugh all the time, and 2. because I love you SOOOO much. You're such a hard worker. You get the hardest worker roommate award. You were always gone, or having late nights because you're so dang good at your job. I'm proud of you and I miss you even tho I just left this weekend.

Kelcie Hansen: giiiirl. you make the bombest dinners. you domestic lil wifey. I'm happy you got married to your best friend and yall live happily ever after. I miss you a lot, Thanks for not killing us when we stole stanley and wouldn't give him back for ages. tell him hello for meee.

T/strat: You's gettin wifed up pretty soon here! I can't believe I watched your and Mitch's love grow right before my eyes. You've changed into such a beautiful woman about to be a married girl & I could not be any happier for you guys. Thanks for coming to UVU with me, and for all the late night hot springs parties, early morning-all day snowboard trips, milkshake runs to walkers when they had the cool milkshake makers, dinosaur fights, and all the nights that ended up in laughter. I'll miss them for sure.

stephanie horton: most random roomie award goes to you. I love that you moved in for a good month and peaced out. I understand tho. Can't wait for u and gav to get married! So excited for yall. I'm glad you call me Barbara Jean. You make me laugh, no matter what. Whenever I'm around you you just have this glow that is addicting( and its not just cuz you're engaged yo). I love you sooo much. now move to cali so I can come bug you & gavin..........

jamie hill: Jamieeeee! I just love you, you are awesome because we share this love for food, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter eggs, ice cream, coldstone, and most importantly, taco bell and quiznos. haha you are just wonderful because you always hung out with me and laughed with me and sent me fun pix of kitties and doggies. haha love you for that.

nakell bieber: Saved the best for last! duhhh! nakelllllly. my nakell, you are aaaamazing. living with you has just been soooo much fun. I love you so much you're hilarious, freakin cute, and just a dollllll. You inspire me to get a nose piercing, love justin bieber, and laugh a lot. I'm glad you moved up there with us, cause we sure had fun going to movies every weekend ;) hahaha but for real, we always had a blast, no matter what we did. Love you tons & tons.

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