Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 wheelers, go-carts, mothers day!

4-wheelers, go-carts, and mother's day... what do they have in common people? absolutely nothing. ---except that they're shoved into this blog post together! <:
This is my Mom and I on Mother's day at Bellagio! Lovely right? :) It's funny how I'm now seeing just how much we look alike!! We ditched my dad and little brother to go do girly or "frou-frou" things that girls do as my dad calls it... but that wasn't the greatest idea because.... those crazy cats came back with this little green machine!!

This here people is the green machine. It's Cody's 11th late birthday present! He loves it. Today I road my bike while he followed me around the block. Let me tell you that it gets super tiring so it's good, cuz I neeeed the exercise bad my friends.

This is my and my cool go-cart. Dad decided to invest in a cool go cart track and some go-carts soooo I'm gonna play President of Operations for a little and market it and just have a ball. :)

Finally, went to a toga part with Lauren. She's awesome. It was fun, I hadn't been before... some girls get real creative with their outfits. when I say creative I really mean slutty. :)

LOVE you all. xoxo, me

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ash said...

I haven't been on your blog for while and can I just say I am coming down to Vegas. We miss you guys. It looks like fun there, we need to come stay! Miss ya!

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