Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's summmmmmmer and lots of changes are taking place!!! It's thrilling.

This is me and halee on my birrrrday!

Birthday at cheesecake factory!! :)

This is lauren. She's my P&BG4Lifeee. She's fun.

My underwater camera has come in handy so far this summer

Tayler got marrrrried!!! Crazy. She was beautiful, it was a blast, she's sooooooo happy, everything was soo fun.

ps. I got a job at the MGM, at wolfgang puck bar & grill. :) wooooo. and dad's opening his race track sooooon!! sooo exciting. love youuuu.


Tayler said...

you are a doll. love you to pieces.

ash said...

So hope the birthday was wild this year! It couldn't have been because we weren't there! Miss you but excited to see you soon keep writing so we know how much you love life! Love ya! Ash

Christy Orrock said...

tayyy. love you :)

ashleeeeey the birthday was not crazy at all. I need y'all!! we're excited to see u guys. get down herrrre!

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