Monday, March 14, 2011


I haven't blogged in forever. I guess I haven't had much to blog about. I wish I had some pix. I broke my super cool unbreakable, waterproof, christyproof camera. Somehow I broke it. fml. I know. so I'm pictureless. I'm at work. Lots of changes are going to happen. I cant wait to move back to vegas in april.

Sometimes I do that, look forward to things so much that I forget to enjoy the moment and the things I'm doing now. It's annoying, don't do it.

This last weekend was a blast. Carly (mitch's sister) and Randi Dunn came and stayed with us before they moved to San Diego. It's always a party when they're here. They are hilarious. So we went to LaJolla Groves, and Happy Sumo, lots of movies, and even made a hilarious/embarassing movie. It happens.

Then Saturday my Mom came to town with Tayler's mom, Jackie and Brandon were moving so she came to help, and Tayler's Mom came to look at wedding dresses for Tayler. So I had a sleepover with my mommy, and we went to Olive Garden where we laughed and had a good time, then we went to the Cocoa Bean and bought 6 cupcakes for just us. It happens. The bestest one is their german chocolate cupcake. It's a beautiful masterpiece! I recommend it!

There's nothing like my Mom, she's the best mom ever. Even saying that, it's not enough. She's kind, honest, loving, understanding, funny, scared of spiders, easy to scare, beautiful and just overall wonderful!!!! She's the kindest person I know, seriously, I wish I got that gene from her, but I didn't. haha.

This weekend is spring break. I have no plans. That's how cool I am. I'm honestly looking forward to just relaxing. I'll probably go to my sister Aubree's house, and hang out with my super cool brother-in-law and niece and nephew. :)

& do laundry :) Oh the life of a college student

Dear friends,
stop getting engaged. I swear it's the summer of weddings. Okay, it's kind of exciting :) Especially when your best friend is so happy & getting married. Shoutout to Tayler Anne Stratton, soon to be Tayler Anne Myers, blog woman, blog!!
love, me

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