Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentines day isn't something I usually look forward to. This is my second valentines day with the same guy (thats huge for me). This is my second valentines day with Darren, but apart from him! We're 1000+ miles away from each other, and its okay. Last valentines day I was in vegas, and I got the most gorgeous roses and chocolates from him. This year I got even prettier roses from him and chocolates and a teddy bear I wont let out of my sight.

Heres the second part of my great valentines day. My Mom. She sent me and jackie a little valentines day package full of bubbles, chocolates, jelly beans, a funny card with a hampster on it and a ring pop. I love my Mom with all my heart.

Today I realize how amazingly blessed I am. I know how lucky I am, but every so often the people who love me show me just how dang lucky I am and it just reminds me to be thankful more often. So if you're reading this, I love you. I love my friends and family!!!

so I love you,

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Ashley Barnes said...

ahh i feel for you zig, i know how long distance is and it SUCKS! so cute though :) glad you had a good day!

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