Thursday, March 24, 2011


LOOK at this kitty! it's a pikachu kitty. hahahah so cute.

Hello all 17 followers. I love you all. I have nothing to blog about, except for things that I'm excited about.

1. My family coming in town tomorrow. Cody has a sore throat, and he stayed home from school today (thursday), but he assured my Mom that he'll be well enough to still go to utah tomorrow (friday). hah how cute is that?

2. We, my mom, little brother & friends are going to HARE KRISHNA! I'm STOKED. It's the coolest/funnest/craziest time in the year and its a once in a lifetime thing to experience.

3. I'll see my wittle niece and nephew this weekend. & my sister aubree and her super rad hubby andrew. I love my fam.

4. One month till I move back to Vegas. I'll be sad to move away from family, but we come up so much I'm not too worried. I'll see em.

5. I'm single. feelin good. feel limitless, I saw that movie---so good! after I saw it I wanted to conquer the world.

6. I wish I could make cakes like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes.

7. I have this secret dream to open a sweets store with my mom in Vegas! Maybe its not secret, but its a dream of mine. :)

8. Life rocks. so do my friends!

Love you times infinity. xoxo, christy


Jen Ballard said...

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE that kitty! and i am equally as excited for hare krishna!! maybe ill see you there! lets hope the weather stops being so gay!

Ashley Barnes said...

when you open that sweet shop i will be your most frequent customer haha!! yum yum.

Hollie said...

We are dreading you leaving. We love having our "little sister" come up all the time. We love you.:)

Christy Orrock said...

jen-I didnt end up going!! so sad. we figured it was too cold. my friends who went though said it was so much fun & i missed out & i know I shoulld have gone! did u go?

ashley-hahaha yes. I knew I could count on you!

hollie-i love you guys OH so much. I'll be up soon. promise. we're always up here anyways :)

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