Monday, March 14, 2011

Heber/Family vakay!!

I forgot, I totally have something to blog about! My fam took a vacation to Heber for prez day weekend. it was a freaking blast!!!

So this cabin is my dad's friends, we just kind of borrowed it for the weekend, it was equipped with pool tables, ping pong tables, air hockey, foozball, like 9 rooms, and like 12 snowmobiles. Those things are sccccurrrry. I kind of imagined them like jet skis, I'm so wrong, those things get stuck, they're the hardest to turn, and gosh they're just too intense for me. I'll stick to my jetskiing.

My cousins are seriously my sisters, and my guy cousin adam, is like my brother. We're all so close. I just love them, so freaking much!!! They're so fun. I loved this weekend. I wish it didn't end. :(

Presidents day was good to me. They are the only things I'll miss about utah, just being closer to my family... <3 much love guys if you're reading, esp ashlee and hollie and allie and sammy and reggy :) I'm comin to see y'all soon!!!

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ash said...

Yes I do read this blog and that weekend was a blast! Please co e see us and stay with us! Hopefully see you soon.
Love me, ashlee

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