Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference 2011

What's up friends?!

So this weekend was conference. I haven't ever gone, never got the chance and all that jazz..... buuuuut this year I went to the 2nd session on sunday and it rocked. I went with Brett Harber, Justin Hales and Samantha. REAL cool friends. Heres a pic I took of the conference center. I know everyone's seen it, but I took this pic. It's funny cause I was sitting there, just watching Prez. Monson talk and I realized, President Monson is in the same room I'm in. how. cool. is. that???? So thank you Brett Harber for taking me to my very first conference!!!! (even though he'll never see this) haha.

27 days till I move back to vegas.....just incase you were wondering. Scared. Excited. mixed emotions. buuuuut it's a good thing.

me and tayler went on a picnic when it was good weather out, we put on our summer dresses and got a blanket, stopped through kneaders drive thru and had a good ol picnic. I think we're celebrating a little too early, but hey it was a nice day.

Love you all, xoxo, christy

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ash said...

Love to see nice weather in Utah!!! I will miss having you live here, hopefully it won't feel that see as you are going to visit so very much love ya. Ashlee your favorite cousin

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