Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Summertime

My Hero. <3>

Sweet little girls.
Blessings to the world.

Funny little brothers.

Sweet family time.

Summer Summer Summer.
What a wonderful three months it is.
It's one word, but when you hear it, a thousand pictures FLY through your mind...
lake trips, BBQ's, tan lines, watermelon, water, vacations, sunshine, smiles, laughter, family, a break from school...
all that good stuff.
here's some pictures of all that good stuff happening to me.
I love summer..

Provo bakery cookies.

7 Peaks Waterpark.
& Randi visiting us :)

Pretty Birthday Flowers for
Tayler, Randi, and Me
from Johnny. :)
Love boys who are still chivalrous.

Hanging out with siblings.
Love my hilarious little brother.

New friendships made through bonfire nights.
Hot dogs & smores.
(Bonfires are NOT a summer thing, just with
Utah's crazy weather we consider them to be acceptable.)

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Tayler Stratton said...

I freaking adore you. Sweetest girl ever. Bonfires are SOO a summer thing! Next we're floating the river! HA. Love you and your beauitful family!

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