Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Dayyyyy

I'm not really doing anything right now a days.
Me and boys equals a mess. I can't do anything right. Sorry guys.
All I do is work, monday through friday. 4-8.
Then on the weekends I go home to Vegas and hang out with my mom and dad.
This system works for me, but makes me wonder if I should have moved home for the summer?
I hate that thought, but when all I do is sleep till 12, go to work from 4-8 come home and do nothing, it makes me wonder.
Residency is a pain in the A.
I'd rather be hanging out with my sister Aubree and my niece and nephew instead of working.
Memorial day weekend was wonderful. that's an understatement. It flew by, and I loved every minute of it.
We swam, hung out, partied, ate lots of cake, lots of watermelon, sandwiches, drinks with crushed ice, ate more cake. mmmm it was a great weekend.
Here's pictures of this weekend. I Love my family

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