Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving '12

Thanksgiving. My third favorite holiday. #1 is my birthday (until I turn 25) and #2 is Christmas and #3 is thanksgiving. Such a fun holiday. I took the week off from work and my boss asked, " you going anywhere?" And I said, "nope just wanna chill and relax with the fam" my boss is awesome but he's Korean and super hard working and even though he tells me I'm his best employee ever he probably thinks I'm a slacker.

So anyway James came for thanksgiving. James is my crazy cool wrestler cousin that has more body pain than a 98 year old. James is a lot of fun Cody loves James so much. Back when James lived with us he became a older brother I didn't want. Beat me up (jk) :) . Drove me around while I listened to my cool jams. Took me to friends houses. Threatened boyfriends and potential Bfs (not kidding) haha love him so he came down and had thanksgiving with us too. My mom and I made the best dang food ever. Turkey stuffing yams (not my fave) pies cakes just everything one could desire. It was a really nice thanksgiving.

This is a picture of my plate. Just the first one.

This was when Colleen and I had thanksgiving round 2 around 4 am at my house. It's fine.

Rebel games with my girls. Unlv's killin it this year. #heyreb

We hang with tigers.

Momsy and I!!!

Chillin with the Turk!!

This is Breyden burley. He's cool. He goes to rebel games with my friends and I and bounces on trampolines with me. Family members: I might bring him to the Christmas party at Ashlee's on the 14th. Oh btw I'm coming up to Utah land that weekend family!! :) can't wait for school to be over!!!

This is my special friend Colleen describing a 20 foot mallard bird that she saw once

I love cats way too much....

This is kinda how I feel at this point. Couple more weeks till Christmas break. Exams. Papers. Assignments. Reading. Studying. Caffine. Library all nightiers. Bring it on.

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