Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boot Obsession.....

Lately all I do is watch Sons on Anarchy on my new 40" TV that I bought from Target for me on black friday....... annnnd shop for boots. here are some of my fav's. 
Shoe Dazzle Here. $39.95 ** I also want these in brown. 

Make Me Chic : Here $39.60

Tropador at Steve Madden. <3 p="p">

Cheaper alternative is these from GoJane:
They used to have these in black, but they're out of stock I suppose.  They are $36.30 which is way cheaper than Steve Maddens. I'm still a huge fan of the steve ones though. 

Swear if I studied as much as I shoe gazed and looked on pinterest I'd be a straight A student already graduating. 

The make me chic website has realllllly cute boots on there. I'm lowkey sad I found that website. but this christmas I'm all about giving. I can daydream about boots all I want but I'm getting family presents first. Our family isn't much for presents these days.. it's all about taking care of those in need and being thankful and grateful for health, happiness, and being safe. You wouldn't think that this post started by me daydreaming about boots.... and end up being thankful for all life has to offer. Mazal Tov. 

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Jackie Welling said...

Have you seen They have lots of great cheap shoes :)

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