Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello loyal blog fans, aka Ashlee and Allie Sammy & raeggy!! :) lets just start by me saying I'm depressed!! This is the first year in who knows how long we're not in Utah for thanksgiving!! I love huge family events. Like our thanksgiving madness where we all show up at a church and ask one anther how were all related (jk it's not that bad) and then we eat pie and play basketball and football outside where there's snow on the ground. Snow! I freaking love snow. The snow resorts open soon like in the next 5 days so ill for sure be going to Utah a ton!! So family, if you're reading this just know I love y'all and miss y'all and wish we could be up there this year. Have fun Black Friday shopping without me. Here's pictures of what I've been up to:

Rebel games-- which we've won all of ours so far! We have a great team this year!!!!

Holiday parties already. Love sweaters boots and Christmas parties that benefit needy children!

We don't usually sit in the nosebleed seats but when we do we take up rows and basically lay down and relax. It's almost better up there haha

My girls Sarah and Colleen at Hyde where Charlie Thurman or however his name is spelled was there. Colleen loves him. I could care less but I went with and it was good. One day I'd like to make a living off appearances and just showing up and partying with people.

The confetti was a nice touch. Later they handed us stacks of napkins and told us to throw them and my inner Eco self was thinking "what a waste of paper towels, they can't do that" but then I was like oh well and tossed it up haha. Can't you imagine the CEOs and club promotors just saying "let's throw leftover napkins everywhere when the confetti runs out" clubs are basically parties ran by older people with kid mentalities. Love it.

My Twinna Colleen

Ben and I at Stoney's. I have yet to ride the bull. I Lowkey don't want to unless I'm wearing jeans. And then after I wear those jeans ill probably have to burn them.

Hot mess' at Stoney's.

Waiting outside was freeeezing. But we just recently discovered girls don't wait in lines so now we get right in. Hah yes!!

Adam and I waiting in line!

I voted for the first time! Woo. Sad Romney lost though.

Halloween passed. I know. Thanksgiving is two days away but I haven't blogged in so long so here ya go.

Unlv vs unr game. We lost. For the 8 or 9th year in a row. :( stupid rebel football. One day we'll be good at football hahaha yeah right.

Everything's been good. Just super busy. I can't believe schools almost done this semester it is scary. I can't wait to be done with school. Then again I can wait. I'm tryin not to grow up too quickly here. Love you whoever you are. Hope all is well. Happy thanksgiving!


Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

oh geez i love you. i am a loyal blog follower hellllo!

o said...

Haha tayler I love you so much!!!!

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