Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's official!!

Lots n lots has been happening. Fam finally moved. (Thumbs down) well it's good and bad. Ill miss them and I'm stoked for this new independence I have and I also love their house up there, the fact that they're around family and friends and that we'll have a white Christmas and probably thanksgiving as we'll! I'm stoked.

Sad pic.

These are my awesome neighbors. From left to right >> Ritchie, Gavin and Brett. Sarah and I lucked out. They're pretty cool.

Good ol picture of the house. The sky was absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately my phone couldn't capture it all.

Lil roomie pic before we went downtown where we told everyone it was Sarah's birthday.

I went to Utah to see the house for the first time! Insane that I hadn't seen it until after they bought it. Hah but grandpa and June came to visit. Love them to pieces.

Utah stores are awesome. They have everything you could possibly want in one store, I suppose it's because when it's snowy and freezing out you pretty much need one stop shopping ya know? Thought these were hilarious. My mom and I were geekin at them. Ps I learned the word geek because gav says it all the time instead of laugh hah

Jackie has the cutest nameless kitty. Poor girl needs a name.

I miss pooksters.

Precious kittykins. I need a farm.

My classic pic I take on the way to or from Utah. It's such a pretty 6 hour drive. Just sucky when you're by yourself. All I really did was lose my voice from singing so much.

We went to an event that one of our bartenders competed at. This is SOM. he's awesome. Really. Sweetest guy and hilarious and he also is a fan of mixology and he's definitely good at it. It was at Hyde lounge in Bellagio.

My Bellagio girls.

Brett Gavin Sarah and I went to the mountains last night after the long humid rainy day because it was a cool 75 and lovely out. Unfortunately this is the only picture I took and it's a horrible one. They're precious though.

Lil Bailee.

Everything's good with me. I'm doing 6 classes at Unlv, I work at Bellagio still and I just recently got a paid internship with the Wynn doing meetings, events, and social media / marketing that I'm stoked about. Everything's going great, just keepin busy. That's good right? Right.

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