Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cali trip!

So honestly this summer I've just been working. I haven't been on a ton of vacations or anything so when I had 3 days off in a row and it happened to be my dads 66th birthday we decided to head down to our favorite place, Huntington Beach California. I am obsessed with the Hyatt here. I'm not kidding. This place is my favorite. It's right across from the beach and they even have chairs towels and umbrellas you take over to the beach and drop th off when you're done and then you go to the pool and hot tub. It's my favvvvorite. AND I forgot to mention the best part. They have this comp'd breakfast, now I'm not talkin about the best western here's a piece of toast and some strawberry jam packet for free. I'm talkin about a buffet filled with delicious food, fruit, smoothies, this awesome lady making the best omelets of my entire life. I can't even describe this amazingness. I was putting whipped cream on my waffles when this little boy walked in and stopped talking and looked around the buffet and sang "hallelujah" hahaha just started singing it like a little angel. It's funny because I felt like doing the same thing.
So after my family dragged me away from my favorite hotel, we went to an angels fams!!! Now I've never been to a Major League Baseball game but let me tell you that won't be my last one. I've been having the best luck lately too btw. I know it seems random but it all connects I swear. The other day I found 5 bucks walking to my car off of work and I was stoked. Then at the angels game we were driving to the stadium, stuck in traffic and this guy walking by gave us this blue premium pass for parking So we got our parking for free and got really close. So thank you friendly stranger for the awese parking pass. This game though was awesome! We all got free surfing monkey animals when we walked in, and had the best seats. Right on the first base line so that we almost could catch pop flys! I love baseball. It was awesome. Oh fun fact--*** I'm always right. After the game we all had different ideas to where the car was parked. Also the keys were inside the car so we couldn't set off the alarm or anything to find it. So we all went off in our separate ways, and I found the car bahaha and now my dads never hearing the end of it. Fun fact #2 my dad turned 66 and this trip had so many 66's in it! I find myself actually always seeing the numbers 66 places, kinda a lucky number for m despite how everyone feels about 6's but our room number was 3366, I went shopping and at a store my total was $66 and I told my dad at every store ill only spend $66... He didn't like that so much. Jk :)
Anyways we had an amazing trip. I love Hyatt at Huntington, I defrffffdinitely recommend it to everyone and their mom oh and you can bring your pets there for $50 more a night! Super tad (I know it's random I just remembered tho!) anyway awesome trip for a little summer vakay!!

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