Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Update!!!

K I'm posting a billion pictures but I got a new camera so I haaave to.

This is Opportunity Village. We went on the 24th and my reeeally good friend Sandra came with us. We had a blast.

This is the ranger decorated in light. We decorated it and put a trailer on it and decorated that too and drove around. Our neighbors probably think we're insane.
Baylee looks a little frightened, but how cute is she? My mommy's a preeetyy lady.
Family pictures at the pond. Classic.
Kinect. Cody Dancing. Hours of laughter :) really fun game!
Bellagio. We had a blast going there, it wasn't even crowded much. Their decorations were pretty.
This is the ranger and the trailer all decked out with lights. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen.
This right here is my beautiful nephew Ethan Lionel Blau. This kid is gooooorgeous. All he wanted for christmas was a train, and mommy and daddy got him the biggest train there was.
Me and Ethan in our christmas jammies. I mean our one-sies. go us.
My brother is a thug. Straight up G. This was on Fremont Street. Andrew and Aubree wanted to go visit Fremont Street and we ran into some funny things.
Little Bayleeeeeeeee.
Balance bracelets, christmas morning look on their faces, camo robe, I love eveerything about this picture.
That's me and Jack, Zip lining on Fremont Street. It was reeeally fun. Super cheap too. about $15 during the day and like $25 after.
We were in the hot tub almost every morning and got as many people in there as we could.

I hope everyone had a Merrrrrry Christmas! I sure did!!! I got a really cool camera so I took so many pictures this Christmas. I got this camera for christmas:
Waterproof. Shockproof. Christyproof. As my brother's english girlfriend would say, it's lovely. We had everyone here this christmas. My 2 sisters and their husbands and kids, my brother-in-law's mom, my brother from London with his girlfriend Jenni. We were all together. Super nice. Our christmas was insane. We had so many presents.

Obviously I had the best Christmas ever, but only because I have the most awesome family ever. My mom is my best friend, my sisters are angels, I love my brother-in-laws, my Dad, now he's a character. Big guy but full of love, and my brother is just the sweetest thing out there. It was real nice to have my brother Ryan down here too, and Jenni. We reeally liked her. Altogether it was a memorable christmas, one I'm not sure we can top! But I hope everyone had a merry christmas

Lots of love,

xoxo Christy

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ash said...

Sounds like a blast, wish we were there. Love all the pictures I feel like I was there. Tell the fam hi. Love ya come visit! Love me ash

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