Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just wanted to post some pictures of my rad life. Me, Tayler, Chris, Derek & Christensen went to Hare Krishna! This huuuge festival in utah, some indian church puts it on, we all buy chalk, and welcome spring by throwing chalk at each other and dancing to the most awesome music in the world. I crowd surfed. I know. Big deal, well at least to me it is. Chris and Derek just threw me up there and yelled "keep her going!" and I went. haha it was fun though, I never wanted to crowd surf but I honestly would do it again.

This was probably one of the Funnest Days Ever. Hands DOWN! Everyone should go to this festival, sure you have to walk to Egypt to get to this church because parking is a beast, but when you get there and see the crowd, buy your chalk, and can throw chalk at anyone while you walk by without them caring, well. it's just Super FUUn.

So by the way, I have the best family in the whole wide world. My little niece Baylee Aubree Blau was blessed today. My family came up for it, they are the best family ever. My mom, dad, and brother drove six hours saturday to get up here and drove six hours sunday back to vegas just to be here for the blessing. Can you say supportive? They were here last weekend too. They are my rock, and that's what you family should be. This weekend, easter will be way fun because I'm going home. Clint is coming, I hope jackie and Brandon come too! I just love when the whole family gets together and does stuff. I can't believe it's easter already.

Me & my Mom look more and more alike each day. She's the bestest mother in the whole entire world. I honestly am blessed with the best parents ever.

Just a random picture of my freaking cute nephew Ethan! He is thee cutest thing ever. Today we were at church with him because we went to Baylee's blessing, and Ethan did the funniest and cutest thing ever. So, this girl sang a solo, it was beautiful. Ethan thought that meant it was time to sing. When it's time to sing, aubree, his mother, (who should have tried out for American Idol she has the best voice in the world) has taught him to open the hymn book and sing. So Ethan stands up on his favorite Uncle Mark's legs, holds open his hymn book and starts singing. It was the FUNNIEST thing ever. People were cracking up all around Ethan because it was so cute, and he wouldn't stop.... that was the best part. No matter how many times we sshhh'ed him he just decided it was time to sing.

I have the best family in the world, if any of you are reading this, (usually it's jackie, hollie, my mom, maybe ashley) well anyways whoever you are, and if your related to me, just know that I love you & I'm grateful for you in my life.

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The Wellings said...

Haha Ethan's gibberish singing is adorable. Oh and get used to looking like mom, happens to me more every day!

Oh and the word verification is smaggeag- sounds like a mythical creature

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