Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I haven't blogged in awhile. Life got in the way. I have lots of things to report about though. starting with the most exciting, I have a braaand new baby niece!!! She is by far the most beautiful and peaceful baby in the world. Her name is Baylee Aubree Blau, and she's perfect. I have been waiting for this little angel for a loongg time, my mom and dad were too. I made Mark (my sister's husband's brother) call me right when he found out so I could go down there to take care of Ethan, my nephew who is 2, then I'd call my family & they'd come to utah. That was the plan. And that's kinda how it happened. Mark called me and I screamed I was so excited. Mark said, "Christy you have a really powerful scream" so sorry to you Mark haha. Terrribly sorry. Nonetheless, Baylee is here, Aubree is doing GREAT, Ethan loves Baylee, and everything is going great.
Spring break was way too short for me. Me, Jackie & brandon drove to Vegas to meet up with our family and then we went to disneyland. It was a blast. Disneyland was packed, that was the only thing I really hated about Disneyland this year. Other than that the weather was perfect and we all had tons of fun. We went to Seal Beach, which is just some beach that's like 10 minutes from our hotel. Anyway seal beach had this pier that reminded me of the epic scene from dear john, I should have taken a picture of it, but that made me love this beach more. I got a little sun too which is nice because Tayler tells me all the time how white I am.
When I got home after a looonng drive back to Utah I walked in my messy room, only to find that some mysterious person had put a Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner poster on my wall. It made me laugh. I thought it was my roomies just being funny as usual, but then I noticed a letter on my bed that said I'd been missed, and welcome home, from clint. My man. It was probably one of the sweetest things ever because it was just really thoughtful. I wish guys read blogs so they could read this and realize that's all it takes, some little small act of kindness or something thoughtful for us girls to melt.
I just got a text from twitter saying that bryan seeley, my cousin's husband who I follow is going out to lunch with his friends at the best mexican restaurant in salt lake. I love twittering by the way, I think it's tweeting actually. Oh well, so this tweet just made me depressed though. Tayler has been on this eating healthy strike. I am in full support for it, but I just love food. She's been on this for about a week, stayin strong, and I mean strong. I'm real proud of ya T. So yesterday I slept through my two classes, didnt do much homework, didn't go to the gym, didn't clean my room, didn't shower, and sat on the couch and ate ice cream. No joke, there's witnesses. Tayler came home from work and Im sittin on the couch watching the OC, eating ice cream. Then ten minutes later Im soaking my 7th oreo in milk. Im such an oreo expert. I know when it's been in the milk long enough. It's so pathetic. So last night I came to the conclusion that I need to eat healthier too. Because Im ten pounds away from being single the rest of my life and living with cats. That's kinda a lifestyle Im okay with though, my facebook picture is of me and my cat, Romeo. Sometimes Im surprised I have friends when I realize how sad that is. So Im going on this healthy eating diet thing too, and so far today Ive just had water because I don't think I have anything healthy to eat. I opened our cubbard and it's filled with random things like pasta, soup, chocolate milk mix, tuna fish, and salsa. None of which sound good. Not to mention that I'm constantly broke, so Im scared I might slip and have an oreo. Im broke all the time but somehow I managed to spend 8 dollars at pirate island's arcade. Not sure how that happened, okay yes I am. Tayler, Tyler and I played "deal or no deal," which is the coolest game ever and won about 200 tickets from it! It's addicting and thrilling. If it were the real deal I swear I'd freak out on stage like the contestants.
Speaking of being broke I got a job. I start April 1st. Im a receptionist for the Girl Scouts of Utah. Wooo. Couldn't be a better job. It sounds too perfect. Im hoping theres some discount on cookies or something. Those samoa cookies are BOMB, and I walked into a room filled with about 80 boxes of them and I just froze it looked all so delicioussss. mmm I'm a little excited to start.
School is getting progressively harder each week. Math is killin me, if I don't do good on this test Im scared I won't pass. & I have a feeling I won't do good on it, probably because I don't understand it. I miss high school, I miss Mr. Mast, and farm basket, and seeing friends in my classes, and assemblies, and worrying about if my teacher is gonna catch me texting. Sometimes college sucks. I sit in class, and dilly-dally on my phone loggin onto facebook and twitter and Im constantly downloading new apps. So while Im paying attention oh so well, I'm also reading my friend's blogs. Lauren had a buncha cool sayings on hers, Yarm and Leah have this cool way of writing and so does Sydney Bunker. I read people's blogs, even if I don't know them because I love the way they write so much. Syd said her sister is her hero and wrote in the most inspiring way. I wish my sisters would say something like that about me haha. Reading other's blogs made me want to blog. Even though I didn't have anything to blog about and I know nobody reads them except for maybe Tayler if I force her to, it's just good to get it out there, write it all out and realize how good life is to me. I'm an aunt to the sweetest kids ever, my family is safe happy & healthy, I'm blessed to be able to pay for school, I got a guy who loves me, friends who laugh with me, a roof over my head, tuna in my kitchen, and everything I could ever ask for.


babyFESLER said...

christy i just wanted to let you know i read your blogs. they keep me off task in class like right now im in english and im reading and commenting on your blog(:

i love reading about you(:

Tayler Stratton said...

Its true, we have tons and tons of tuna in the kitchen. I LOVE this. Can't wait for B's blessing on Sunday, she's an angel! I love you!

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