Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hiking & Shenanigans

I should be studying... but I needed a break.... so I decided to blog. So lots has happened since last blog! It's all the sudden march, I'm still in school..... just getting through it...
So Adam came to town with his cuuuute tiny gf Candis (Candice) not Cand-i's..... They came with another couple annnd we all went hiking annnnd I was the 5th wheel but actually it was really fun. We went out to hoover dam and were pretend tourists and took pictures and everything out there... Then we had a hard time finding he Gold Strike trail.. but we found it and we thought it was only like 2 miles, turns out it was about 3-4 miles... and for me thats a lot. It was a blast though! Fun fact, adam was going to propose to Candis... didn't exactly know when so I didn't know if he was ever going to drop down on his knee and propose to her or what. Sorry adam if you didn't want that shared on the world wide web. He later proposed to her when they drove back to utah and I asked how he did it and I got a text back saying, "I kneeled in the mud and snow and asked her." classic guy answer if you ask me.. Candis welcome to the family!!
Here she is, actin so sassy! 
Surprise, putting your jacket around your waist is in again. 
just some friends at a club. we went to tryst, which I've never been to and it was a good time, not too crowded or anything. 
Me and the lil bro at the Mob Museum which is actually reallllly cool. Everyone should go. 

This babygirl is my friend LP's daughter. She's a doll, absolutely adorable. I die. 

I got a new summer job so I won't be seeing my bff LP or his precious daughter Amaya anymore! Sad story. Everything is good though.. school work family alls well. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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