Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring break 2012!

I'm currently basking in my bed enjoying whats left of my spring break of 2012. exactly 4 days are left of my spring break and you'll bet your socks I'm going to enjoy them. My two very best friends are coming into town tomorrow night But precisely 30 minutes ago, my family got home from Huntington Beach, CA where we had a mini vacation/spring break. Because we went down there without a plan really, we didn't know what hotel we were going to stay in, I soon found out everyone and their Mom was in huntington for spring break. It's cool though cause we magically found a beautiful room at the luxurious Hyatt Resort. This place was RAD. 3 slides (kiddy slides but super cool still), 3 hot tubs, cool shops, huge swimming area, right across the street from the beach, ugh it was perfection!!! Honestly, I've been to hawaii and I enjoyed both equally. Some might say, who goes to huntington on spring break with their parents? This girl does. Not only is my family awesome to be around, we don't have to stay at an expensive best western where we shove 12 people into a 4 person room. haha. sounds like torture. If you ever go to huntington, go stay at the hyatt, it has a coy pond, work out room, the beds are amazing and the pillows ughhh I love that place. It's also GORGEOUS. seriously. Get ready for photo-mania! Now...........
this is on our way back from the beach. I'm carrying 2 boogie boards. go me. those boards didn't even make it into the ocean. It was a freezing ocean and I needed a wetsuit.. If i had a wetsuit I'd probably look like a seal and then a shark would eat me... so overall I had to just take a nap on the beach and get sunburned.
this is my pretty momsy.
da beeeach.
My cousin cindy was here, we went to the venetian and my mom and Cindy rode the gondala in there. This is part of spring break, but not huntington, but I had to include it. The ceilings and paintings are crazy gorgeous. I secretly want clouds painted on every ceiling in my house.

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